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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the best place for parking?

  2. What are your prices?

  3. Should I get a 10-class Punchcard or a Monthly Membership?

  4. I’m new to yoga -- where should I begin?

  5. Are your classes heated?

  6. Do you have pre-natal yoga?

  7. I will be coming from work -- do you have a place where I can change into my yoga clothes?

  8. Do you sell Gift Certificates?


1: Where is the best place to park?

A: The parking lot behind the studio is currently closed. The free municipal lot behind Simply Bulk Market between 4th and 5tgh is a great option. Additionally, there is parking along 4th and all along  Main Street available and free for two hours :)













2: What are your prices?

A: All brand new students can enjoy "30 Days for $30" Intro Trial!  We really like everyone to have the opportunity to try out a few different teachers and class styles, to get a feel for our vibe and our community! To save time on your first visit, register here.

After your intro offer, our standard rates are:

Drop in per class: $18

10-Class Punchcard: $140

Monthly Unlimited Membership: ONLY $79, debited from your account on the same date every month. No contracts, cancel anytime :)

Specialty series and classes like our prenatal class and the beginners series have an alternative pay schedule. 

*We offer a 10% discount on all of the above to full-time students, teachers, veterans, and seniors


3: Should I get a 10-class Punchcard or a Monthly Membership?

A: Here’s some math to help you figure that out!

Drop-in rate: $18 per class


10-Class Punchcard: $140, and it never expires

One class = $14.00

This is a great option for people who will be coming a few times a month.


Monthly Membership: $79 (plus credit card or ACH fees), debited from your account on the same date every month.

2 classes/week = $9.88 per class

3 classes/week = $6.58 per class

4 classes/week = $4.93 per class

5 classes/week = $3.95 per class

6 classes/week = $3.29 per class

7 classes/week = $2.82 per class


4: I’m new to yoga -- where should I begin?

A: We’re so glad that you’re beginning your yoga journey, and we have some great options to get you started.


We have a beginner's yoga series that runs for 4 weeks, starting the first Wednesday evening every month. Beginners are not required to take the series, but we do recommend it -- it's a great way to learn the foundations of yoga in a comfortable, all-beginners setting.


If you prefer to just jump into beginning level classes without taking that beginner's series, that's fine too -- we have several classes on our weekly schedule that are appropriate for new students. We would recommend looking a Vinyasa level 1 or Vin/Yin level 1 for more active practices Yin and Restorative for slower-moving, relaxing practices. Please let your teacher know you're new to yoga so he/she can be sure to support you best. 


Click here to learn more about our Beginner Series!


Click here to see our class schedule!


5: Are your classes "Hot Yoga"?

A: No. Some classes may become warm and humid during practice, but we are not a "Hot Yoga Studio."

6: Do you have pre-natal yoga?

A: Yes! We are proud to offer a prenatal class Monday evenings. Please note, pre-registration is required and these specialty classes are not included in monthly membership. Moms-to-be may purchase a prenatal 4-pack for $60. 


Additionally, any moms-to-be are more than welcome to attend any of our regularly scheduled classes! Our teachers are all happy to have you in class, and encourage you to you modify the practice to suit your needs. If you have a yoga practice already, we trust your ability to choose the classes that will feel most appropriate. If you are newer to yoga, we recommend sticking with the classes that move more slowly to start -- restorative yoga, yin yoga, vin/yin, or level 1 Vinyasa. Please be sure to arrive in time to talk to the teacher before your class begins, so that we can make sure we're offering you appropriate modifications and support for the trimester you and baby are in!


7: I will be coming from work -- do you have a place where I can change into my yoga clothes?

A: Yes we do! Our bathroom is spacious and can easily accommodate clothing changes. Please be aware that we do not have showers.

8: Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A: We are working on adding gift certificates to our new platform. Please complete the "contact us" form below if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate at this time. 

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