Welcome to YOGA!

We offer an optional beginner series to help you learn about your body.

(This course is optional. Anyone may attend any class at any time.)


4 weeks - Wednesday nights 5:30pm - 6:30pm!

Usually starts the first Wednesday of each month.  (If you miss a class or two, you can make it up in next series)

4 classes, tying together anatomy & yoga philosophy!

Students will learn correct alignment for classic yoga postures & breathing techniques. Students may experience increases in strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. No yoga experience necessary.Upon completion of this series, students will confidently be able to attend any F1or F2 class at Full Circle Yoga.

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Class Structure & Price:


  • Setting a foundation: aligning bones, stacking joints, & intro to yoga philosophy

  • Facing our fears / making space: focus on hip openers

  • Exploring the subtle body: nervous system, focus on forward bends & twists

  • Learn how to develop a safe and effective life long yoga practice!


This 4 week series includes a new yoga mat!   Welcome hOMe :)


Beginners Series

Instructor: John Espinosa

John started his Yoga journey years ago in this very Beginners Series. Now he's teaching it! So he knows what it's like to try yoga for the first time.

Let John show you what's so wonderful about developing your lifelong healthy stress-relieving practice. 

We hope to see you soon...