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Full Circle Yoga Karma Scholarship Fund

Our Karma Yoga Scholarship Fund was created to help give the gift of yoga to individuals and families who cannot afford to take classes. For some, the ability to afford and integrate yoga into their lives feels more like a dream than a reality.  We feel that yoga should be accessible to all, regardless of varying financial difficulties. Recipients of this scholarship program will receive Monthly Memberships, Retreats, or Yoga Teacher Trainings. By working to include more individuals from our greater Longmont community, we will help our yoga community to grow even stronger. 

Scholarships for Monthly Memberships will not be limited to Full Circle Yoga. All of the yoga studios in Longmont, Colorado, have something different to offer.  We hope each student can find the best studio for them. 

All proceeds from our Karma Fundraising Events go directly to the Karma Scholarship Fund. These events and others can be found on our Upcoming Events page. 

Karma Monthly Membership

Upgrade your membership to the Monthly Membership Karma Rate and $10 of your $89 monthly dues will be put towards the Karma Yoga Scholarship Fund.

Interested in Donating? 

Donate directly to our Karma Yoga Scholarship Fund Your donations help make this possible. 

Apply For A Yoga Scholarship

Please reach out to John if you would like to apply for a scholarship. 

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