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How being pregnant has changed my yoga teaching

Author: Jackieb / Date: 23-07-2014 / Tag: Pregnancy and yoga, pregnant yoga, Full Circle Yoga, Longmont CO, yoga studio longmont, Jackie Boeheim, lara barber
Pregnancy and yoga, pregnant yoga, full circle yoga, longmont co, yoga studio longmont, jackie boeheim, lara barber

Becoming pregnant was the most exciting news of my life. My husband and I dreamed of starting a family in 2012, after moving into our first home. When it happened, we were thrilled. I was jumping for joy inside of my skin. Unfortunately, all of the ‘rules’ and ‘ideas’ around not sharing the excitement until you are beyond the first trimester kept my lips sealed. God forbid anything would happen to us – so we kept the news a secret. Read more about How being pregnant has changed my yoga teaching

Teacher Training Spotlight: Melissa Harms

Author: Jackieb / Date: 17-07-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training, Longmont CO, Jackie Boeheim

Each year, Full Circle Yoga is graced with the presence of eager yogis, anxious to embark on their own journey as a Certified Yoga Professional.  Our 200-hour course allows students to both find and express themselves through the authenticity of yoga. Read more about Teacher Training Spotlight: Melissa Harms

Pose Of The Month: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Author: Jackieb / Date: 09-07-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Downward Facing Dog, DFD, Longmont Colorado, Longmont, Jackie Boeheim, Yoga Studio
Downward Facing Dog, DFD, Downward Dog, Mastering Downward Facing Dog

Welcome, exquisite yogis, to the Full Circle Yoga blog. Here you will find instructionals and demonstrations, exclusive interviews with students and teachers as well as guest blog posts from industry experts. We hope you find joy and comfort in these articles as we embark on this journey together.

Now, let’s dive into our very first blog post! We’ll be conducting monthly pose series where we dissect beloved asanas and guide you through the appropriate executions. Safety is far more valuable than appearance and your personal sanctuary is one to treasure. Read more about Pose Of The Month: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Gift Certificates Available Now!

Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 20-12-2013

FCY instant customizable gift certificates are available now! Give the greatest gift of all, Yoga! Health, strength & inner peace. Choose from a 10 class punch card, month unlimited or even Teacher Training! Click HERE to share the LOVE! Read more about Gift Certificates Available Now!

About Full Circle Yoga

Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 21-05-2012

Full Circle Yoga is Longmont's newest full-time Yoga studio! We're right accross the street from "The Pumphouse Restaurant" in Downtown Longmont!

We offer a Modern Yoga Vinyasa style focusing on all the health benefits along with an authentic, strengthening & centering experience at the most affordable prices in town!

We have daily yoga classes for all levels - beginner through advanced, teacher trainings, workshops and healthy retreats. Read more about About Full Circle Yoga