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Student Highlight: Vyktoria Montoya

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 25-09-2015 / Tag: heal, healing, Yoga, meditation, practice, dedication, Full Cricle Yoga, Vyktoria Montoya, Rocky Mountain National Park

Death of our loved ones in its utter heartbreak, in some ways, leads to the celebration and deeper understanding of life. Yet, initially dealing with these heartbreaks that life throws our way will undoubtedly take a toll on our spirit and attitude. However, somewhere tucked away deep in these unavoidable losses we find that small silver lining; a glimmer of peace, love and positivity.  Vyktoria bravely steps into this mode of being daily, through her dedicated practice to yoga, meditation and large doses of Mother Nature. Read more about Student Highlight: Vyktoria Montoya

Pose of the Month: Eight Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 18-09-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga, astavakrasana, eight angle pose, pose, asana

Astavakrasana is a pose that is dedicated to the sage Astavakra who, according to the myth, infuriated his father who then cursed him to be born crooked with 8 different body deformities. Eight Angle Pose may resemble the stereotypical contorted looking yoga pose found on the cover of popular yoga magazines. However, due to the beautiful nature of yoga, a pose stems much deeper allowing us to explore our mental flexibility.  The expression of the pose should engage the soul rather than the ego. Read more about Pose of the Month: Eight Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)

Pose of the Month: Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 27-08-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, reverse warrior, viparita virabhadrasana, Yoga, pose, asana

Viparita Virabhadrasana or Reverse Warrior is a rejuvenating and strengthening pose. It stretches and strengthens the obliques, chest, quadriceps and hamstrings. It also focuses on lateral flexion through the spine to encourage healthy spine mobility. Mentally, it reminds you to feel strong and light simultaneously. Muhammad Ali once said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Warriors of light and love are aware of the significance of the balance between strength and lightness. Read more about Pose of the Month: Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Smile, its Contagious by Brie Michalik

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 12-08-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Brie Michalik, Yoga, meditation, Smile, positivity, optimism

           On Wednesday, I had a “bad” day. Honestly, one of the most emotionally intense days I’ve had in quite some time. Long story short, someone really hurt my feelings. We’ve all been there. Read more about Smile, its Contagious by Brie Michalik

Student Highlight: Todd Deboom

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 31-07-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Todd Deboom, yoga family, yoga community, Yoga

Todd has been coming to Full Circle Yoga since the very beginning. He has been one of the original students who have seen FCY blossom and become home for so many including himself and his wife. He lightheartedly spoke about his first practice at FCY; “I can still remember meeting Erik for the first time.  I was in class (around Halloween time) practicing next to this guy in a martial arts outfit and a wig and headband and he was doing horse lips (very new to me at the time).  I kept smiling to myself and thinking who is this guy? Read more about Student Highlight: Todd Deboom

Pose of the Month: Hand to Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 24-07-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, utthita hasta padangusthasana, Hand to Big Toe Pose, asana, vinyasa, jennie rindler, ahymsa

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana pose is physically about balance, flexibility, and stretching the hamstrings and hips. It also strengthens the back and arms as we expand and open through our chest. With a focus inwards; this pose is about flexibility of the mind and strength of the spirit. Often in a standing balance pose as dynamic as Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose we may automatically become critical of ourselves in one moment. Read more about Pose of the Month: Hand to Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

A Testimony to Yoga; A Reminder to Love Anyway by Erica Lee

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 17-07-2015 / Tag: Yoga, Full Circle Yoga, Erica Lee, yogi, love, yoga testimony, yoga love

"It was when we started declaring our belief system, affirming it with great conviction that the universe would drop in with a situation to help us clarify, and potentially reconsider, how about now? Do you still believe in love when the water gets murky? When they call you crazy, take your stuff, or even try to hurt you? Will you stand firmly in your conviction even when the storm rolls in?” a mentor Yvonne, a powerhouse, being the change she wishes to see in this world evokes a sense of declaration, of commitment to a higher road. Read more about A Testimony to Yoga; A Reminder to Love Anyway by Erica Lee

Student Highlight: Andrea Van Sambeek

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 30-06-2015 / Tag: Andrea Van Sambeek, Full Circle Yoga, MS, Yoga

Speaking with Andrea about her on and off 10 year yoga practice was filled with laughs and smiles bursting from our heart seams. Her story was both beautifully spoken and incredibly inspiring. Andrea playfully referred to herself as a “shiny thing, mostly” and I couldn’t agree more. She is a lovely authentic human being with and equally lovely authentic practice. Read more about Student Highlight: Andrea Van Sambeek

Healing, One Breath at a Time by Kendall Bullok

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 19-06-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Kendall Bullock, healing, loss, Yoga, breath, breathe

Loss is something that we all have experienced. Whether it's a pair of your favorite shoes because they fell apart, a job, or a loved one you held close in passing, we all know loss. With that being said, I hit my lowest level of loss in this life time last June.  Read more about Healing, One Breath at a Time by Kendall Bullok