Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 25-03-2014

As a child I was brought to many different meditation and yogic classes, but it was not until high school when I received my first routine yoga practice. The school offered a yoga class for P.E. credit. I did not realize the gift I was being given at the time, nor would I understand until years later. The class touched on the Yamas and Niyamas; as well as multiple practices including vinyasa, restorative, pranayama, seated meditation, and yoga nidra. Although when the class ended, my practice did as well.

Shawna S.

Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 20-02-2014

Shawna is a certified yoga instructor & teaches a variety of yoga styles such as restorative, yin, hatha, power &vinyasa flow for all levels of students beginning to advanced. Her classes focus on breath, grounding, concentration, present moment awareness, yoga as a moving meditation, compassionate self-awareness, alignment, strength, flexibilty balance, core strength, visualization, intention, deep relaxation and contemplation. Read more about Shawna S.


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 18-02-2014

Dawn has been practicing yoga for over 9 years. After realizing how beneficial it is to her daily

life she decided to share her passion with others. Students can expect to have a light hearted

and playful practice while enjoying hands-on adjustments to help you reach deeper into your

asanas. Dawn teaches yoga to both kids and adults and would love to meet you on your

journey. She currently has her kids yoga and 200 hour RYT certifications.

When she is not on her mat practicing or teaching yoga you can find Dawn spending time Read more about Dawn

Lara B.

Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 19-12-2013

Lara is a passionate yoginni who believes in the power of ceremonial ritual as a tool to illuminate transformation. Each breath, each class, each bow, and each movement, represents a prayer of devotion and love. Through her own personal experience she has discovered that yoga enlivens a power of heightened awareness in all areas of our lives. Read more about Lara B.


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 20-11-2013

Born in Florida, I was the little girl who would hang upside down from trees, run through the coconut bushes, and play in the rain! I loved the beaches, sunshine and sea shells! I loved to swim and watch the thunderstorms. Then I moved to Colorado and it soon captured my heart with its rocky mountains and breath taking views, suddenly I felt truly at home.


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 19-07-2013


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 19-07-2013

Through her 10+ years of practicing yoga in various settings, including studies in Madrid, Boston, San Francisco, Hawai'i, Colorado, and Alaska, Jessie has come to deeply appreciate yoga's unique blending of the spiritual and the physical.  This sacred and ancient combination of movement and breath has a profound effect on our ability to connect to a deeper sense of ourselves, to meaningful relationships with others, and to effective, pleasurable experiences of our own mental and emotional capacities. Read more about Jessie


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 09-07-2013

Born and raised in Germany, I traveled and lived all over the place until I came to Colorado in Jan. 2010 to start my PhD at CSU in Fort Collins with Temple Grandin. I was always an outdoor person and enjoy hiking, skiing, also in the back country, hut trips and camping. Being outside and being one with nature gives me peacefulness and relaxation. However, starting a PhD was a fulltime job and very stressful and I started practicing yoga in 2010 which gave me the peace that I needed. Read more about Conny


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 05-06-2013

Gina has been practicing yoga for about 11 years, but was inspired to go further with her practice throughout her time in Asia in 2010-2011.  When she lived in Thailand she resided near a Buddhist temple.  Hearing the monks perform their daily chants, walking through the temple grounds on her way to school, and sitting in front of images of the Buddha many times over, she was inspired to live a life more in line with Buddhist principles and a lifestyle of yoga.  After she had been home in the U.S. Read more about Gina


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 02-04-2013

As a Colorado girl through and through, Kelly has always enjoyed movement from hiking to skiing to rock climbing. As a favor to a friend she tried yoga. She had no idea just what that would lead to, but it was an incredible journey from day one.  After an intensive, freeing and life changing yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga, Kelly is excited to share with others what she found for herself in her own practice. Her classes are an open space to explore personal limitations and strengths within the confines of compassion and acceptance. Read more about Kelly